What is Mentionable?

Mentionable is the first online marketplace that connects bloggers (publishers) with website owners and rewards them both!

It does NOT require the following:

Any technical or advanced marketing skills

Networking and negotiating time

Sinking money and effort into strategies that don’t work out

Why Mentionable?

It’s Private

Zero chatting! The only thing that is shared are website URLs.

For Everyone

You don’t have to be an expert to understand and use our platform!


Payments and earnings are clear to everyone on the marketplace.

API Data

Every website comes with additional API data provided by Semrush.

Common Goal

To help online business owners and bloggers grow and flourish.

– For Online Business Owners:

Passive Link Building on Your Terms

Mentionable scales your business’s online presence by requiring between 5 to 10 clicks (yes, mouse clicks) per mention (backlink)!

How? We’re simplifying current backlinking strategies with intelligent and white hat distribution of outgoing links from bloggers’ articles.

  • You don’t need any professional skills to understand the process or to get started.
  • You save money by not paying for guest posts, email marketing platforms, agencies, etc.
  • Instead of waiting for 4 weeks for a mention, get them 48 hours after your approval.

Zero Emails Required

We do NOT deal with emails, nor with buying backlinks off sketchy websites. Our marketplace is private, straightforward, and honest.

All you need to do is to be present on Mentionable’s marketplace and let bloggers find YOU!

Clear Pricing

You decide how much you would pay to get a mention (backlink).

You have the autonomy to approve or deny any mentions sent to you.

The “Whitest of Hats”

You decide which pages or posts you want to receive mentions on. This is all you need to do.

Bloggers then do their work and pick an anchor text that will lead to your website.

Meaning (almost) everything happens organically, as it should!

– For Bloggers and Publishers:

Explore a Brand New Monetization Method for Your Website!

As a publisher, you may publish anywhere between one and a hundred articles per month, maybe more.

Instead of linking out to random DR90+ websites, register on Mentionable and access hundreds of websites you can mention in your next published article.

With Mentionable, you could earn additional income without doing any extra work in less than 48 hours after publishing an article!

PLUS: quality external links are, according to Google, good for your website’s rankings.

Not Guest Posts

You won’t be forced to write or publish articles written by other people. You also don’t need to talk to any website owners.

All you need to do is stay true to your blog’s mission, keep writing fantastic articles, and mention websites you find on our marketplace.

Earn More

Unlock an additional source of income without putting in any extra work.

You can still have the usual monetization methods on your website (affiliate links, display ads, etc.).

However, with Mentionable, you’ll have one more!

Only Takes a Moment

Finding a website to mention in your next published article takes only a few minutes.

You may cover your writing expenses or simply earn more with each article you publish within 48 hours after pressing that ‘Publish’ button.

Mentionable Works With

And ALL other publishing/blogging systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every online business owner has heard of backlinks and knows how important it is to have high authority to rank in the top 10 positions for each search engine.

If you’ve ever done any email outreach, HARO, broken link building, or anything like that, you know how unrewarding and time-consuming it is to get backlinks via these strategies.

Buying backlinks causes even more problems if you can even find a reliable site to use. Even if you get an article published, you likely won’t see any uptick in your daily blog traffic. This is because Google considers most of these sites to be toxic link farms.

On Mentionable, as an online business owner, you decide how much you’d be willing to pay for a mention of a certain page you choose.

After that, you also decide when you get a mention from a blogger if the quality of a website and an article is up to your standards. If it isn’t, you don’t pay for a mention, but if it is, then you got a new mention!

And the best part?

  • These mentions are 100% organic, meaning bloggers pick anchor texts for you.
  • Bloggers also don’t need to accept poorly written guest posts, which risk damaging their blogs’ reputation.
  • You also get the website’s SEO data when you get a mention. So if you see a sketchy website, you don’t need to accept it.

As you probably know, there are a lot of different ways for you to monetize your blog.

Currently, you may have ads and affiliate links. You may also accept some guest posts, etc.

You also have one of the most important assets, which is majorly overlooked.

These are outbound links, and you are giving them away for free!

Why do you think Wikipedia has 5 million referring domains?

With Mentionable, before you press that ‘Publish’ button, you can now monetize your one outbound link.

Instead of searching ‘frog’ in Google, you just need to visit Mentionable’s marketplace.

You filter out the niche to match your anchor text and then pick a website you want to mention.

You mention that website in your article, and after it’s published, you send the owner the URL (link) of your article in review.

Your article could be approved, and you could be earning more in under 48 hours.

If your article gets denied by the owner, you can find a different website on the marketplace and try again.

Mentionable.io is a white-hat, organic, time-saving marketplace that rewards both parties without requiring additional work.

It will take you less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is to create a free account.

After that, as a blogger, you’ll have access to all websites on the marketplace, which you could mention in your next article.

As an online business owner trying to get mentioned by bloggers, all you need to do is to add your website/s, and after that, they’ll be visible on the marketplace.

It is, and here's why:

  • Bloggers pick anchor texts (clickable words that link to your website) for website owners and NOT vice versa. By doing this, website owners avoid over-optimization of anchor texts, which can usually negatively affect their websites.
  • Bloggers don’t have to publish any poorly written articles so that they can include a backlink. They keep their authenticity and unlock an additional income source using their outgoing link equity.
  • We also have a list of blacklisted (toxic, link farm) websites which won’t be listed on the marketplace.

As a business owner, we assume you’re also trying to get organic traffic to your website.

If that’s the case, we’d first suggest you list your website(s) on our marketplace.

After that, we suggest you continue growing your online business by publishing fantastic articles that mention websites on Mentionable’s marketplace.

Doing that will unlock an additional revenue source for your online business without doing any extra work!

Mentionable is FREE for everyone.

Join Mentionable Today!

ALL bloggers and online businesses are welcome to join us.

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Mentionable.io is an online marketplace that connects bloggers and website owners and helps them grow and flourish.

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